Big Boy Dance

Is the Big Boy going to stay big?

I’m on a mission to trim down and look better than I already do. LOL I am going to keep everyone posted on my progress. I started in early January ’06 and will give monthly updates.

1st year — Well, after my first year I lost a total of 40 lbs. It’s about half way to my goal. A new year and time to re-commit to my goal.

UPDATE: I have decided not to continue my Yahoo screen name since most of my contacts come through AOL-IM or e-mails. Thank you though to those I had contact with on Yahoo.

Look around and learn a new dance or two (or all of them !!!) Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am always here for my family, friends and fellow dancers.

Enjoy :)



Quote of the month: What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the 

                                      small man seeks is in others.

                                                                                       ~ Confucius

UPDATE!!!!!! 2.0

I want thank everyone who supported me a few weeks ago in Washington DC during the IAGLCWDC event and all the positive feedback on my new dances. I would also like to thank them for choosing my dance “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” for one of their intermediate linedances for competition.

I do plan on re-doing my videos for my last few dances and my new dances in the next week or two. I will keep you posted when that happens.

I have a new e-mail address. Please remove my old e-mail of from your address books and contact info. Thank you.

I have just changed my website name to instead of BigBoyDanceGroove. If you used the “groove” to get to this site, you were re-directed to this page. I will keep the “groove” name for a year before releasing it, so please make the necessary changes on your lists for this website.


Mission Statement

My promise to all linedancers is to put fun and quality dances on the floor that not only appeal to the dancers, but fit the music as it dictates.



Quote of the month(s): If we are facing in the right direction, all we

                         have to do is keep walking.                                           

                                                            ~ Buddhist teaching

Dance Parties In Night Clubs


Night clubs are the spots where one can have all the excitement and enjoyment under one roof. A lot of dance parties are organized throughout New York City City and a welcome number of people in these night clubs. The New York is a musical venue for the people. Every day numbers of gatherings enter these exciting clubs for getting never ending enjoyment.
The most common type of parties is dance parties which provide these parties a touch of elegance and uniqueness. Dance contributes a lot in the entertainment of the people, and New York has a significant influence on these type of dance parties. Dance parties are now popular among the people of New York. Dance parties are held on the streets of New York to a great extent.
The dancers were performing at these dance party show off their skillful dance actions on more than one dance type. A lot of dance performances on different beats of music are performed by the professional dancers. Hottest women fully dressed in the beautiful outfits perform a set of moves to the modern music.
Theater dance types provided array like jazz, ballet, lyrical and played as a mixture of dance known as competitive dance. Salsa dance is the most popular and common type of dance which is performed in the nightclubs of New York. Salsa dance is carried out in the pair; there are a man and women who fascinates the people present in the club.

How I Started Hip Hop Line Dancing

Hip Hop Line Dancing

Originally from Rochester, New York (yes, I’m a cheese head), I started my dancing when I was 17 in regular hip hop clubs in New York City. I learned hip hop, funk, and street style dancing from the areas best dancers. At the age of 23, I was introduced to the hip hop scene. My old stomping grounds became a hip hop bar. I was quite intrigued by this. Before long, I was line dancing up a storm. Wherever I could go out to dance, I was there. I went all over the state and the NYC area. In October 1998, I moved to Camden in New Jersey where I now reside. I met a person who introduced me different dance events in 2000. I had never known of this until she took me to one and was floored. It renew all the passion I had in dancing. So Lisa, thank you very much. Since then, I have enjoyed choreographing dances and competing in line dance competitions. In my first competition for choreography, I placed 1st on one of my first dances I did, “Dig It”. Since then, many of my dances have placed in the top 3.

In the last couple years, I have started to teach at different hip hop clubs and events and finding it very fulfilling to spread the joy of what dance clubs NYC has to offer. My line dance competitions has come to a temporary halt so I can focus on couples dancing and to be eventually a judge. I am finding out that it is also helping with my line dancing also. Though I am doing this, line dancing will still be a primary focus and take precedent over couples dancing. Line dancing will always be my first love and if I can bring that same joy and enthusiasm to others, I know I will be satisfied.


Here is a listing of all my dances I have choreographed from the beginning.

* indicates Choreography Winner

There is both step sheets and video clips for all these dances. Videos are wmv.files (Windows Media) and are one wall demos of the dance and are as best as I can get it quality wise. If you should have a problem getting either step sheets or videos, please contact me so I can fix the problem.

Note to AOL users: It is possible that you may not get a connection for the videos due to the server from my web host. The best bet is to try and get it through Internet Explorer. Sorry for this inconvenience. 

Date       Level            Step Sheets                                 Videos                             Co-Choreographer

07/09     Int                 Latin Waterslide                         Latin Waterslide

07/09     Int                 Love or Fame                              Love or Fame

05/09     Beg               Ooh Wee                                     Ooh Wee

01/09     Int                 Spin Me                                      Spin Me                            Maurice Rowe

01/09     Nov              Rebel Child                                 Rebel Child

12/08     Beg              4 Wheelin’                                   4 Wheelin’

12/08     Int                Cowgirls Don’t Cry                     Cowgirls Don’t Cry

12/08     Int                 Broken Glass                              Broken Glass

07/08     Beg+            Country Pride                             Country Pride                        Judy Sides

05/08     Beg              Off The Wagon                           Off The Wagon

05/08     Nov/Int         Hot Stuff                                     Hot Stuff

05/08     Int                 Try Again                                   Try Again

01/08     Beg+             Goin’ With The Flow                  Goin’ With The Flow

01/08     Int                 Push Play                                    Push Play

08/07     Nov              Superbad Strut                            Superbad Strut

08/07     Nov/Int         Light The Fuse                            Light The Fuse

08/07     Nov              Big Dog Groove                         Big Dog Groove

08/07     Int                 Straight To One                          Straight To One

04/07     Beg               Turn It Up                                   Turn It Up

04/07     Nov/Int         Doing Fine                                  Doing Fine

04/07     Nov              Bug Bites                                    Bug Bites

04/07     Int                 No Rhyme or Reason                  No Rhyme or Reason

01/07     Nov              Sweet                                         Sweet

01/07     Int/Adv         Set Me Free                               Set Me Free

01/07     Int/Adv         Cause A Scene                          Cause A Scene

01/07     Int                 Broken Will                               Broken Will

12/06     Nov               Little Bit Of Country                  Little Bit Of Country

11/06     Beg               Come Back To Me                     Come back To Me

08/06     Int                 Chicago Groove                         Chicago Groove

08/06     Beg+             Say What?                                Say What?

08/06     Nov               L.O.V.E.                                     L.O.V.E.

08/06     Beg+             Dixie’s Way                               Dixie’s Way

05/06     Int                 Go Anywhere                             Go Anywhere

05/06     Beg               Blue Stars                                  Blue Stars

04/06     Beg               Got Your Yee Haw?                  Got Your Yee Haw?

02/06      Int                Stay or Go                                 Stay or Go

01/06      Nov             Send Your Love                         Send Your Love

11/05      Int                Father Time                                Father Time

09/05      Int                Got Friends                                Got Friends

07/05      Beg +           Redneck Cruise                         Redneck Cruise

06/05      Int/Adv         Spanish Desire                          Spanish Desire

06/05      Nov              Rockin’ Croc                             Rockin’ Croc

06/05      Nov              Lonesome Cry                           Lonesome Cry

06/05      Nov              Comin’ Down The Line              Comin’ Down The Line

04/05      Beg               Money Maker                           Money Maker

04/05      Nov              Hillbilly Way                              Hillbilly Way   

03/05      Nov/Int         Numanuma                                 Numanuma

11/04      Int                 Seduction                                   Seduction

11/04      Beg +            Go Back                                    Go Back

10/04      Nov              One, Two Step                          One, Two Step

10/04      Int                 Groovy Nights                           Groovy Nights                        Jo Kinser

10/04      Nov              Radio Waves                             Radio Waves 

09/04      Int                 Cruzin’ Cha                                Cruzin’ Cha                             John Robinson

09/04      Int                 Mood Swing *                           Mood Swing

08/04      Nov/Int         Rio Grande                                 Rio Grande                         Phyllis Whipple

07/04      Beg               Women On The Mind                 Women On The Mind

05/04      Nov/Int         Save The Horse                          Save The Horse

04/04      Beg +            The Boogie Man                         The Boogie Man                   Christine Bass

02/04      Nov              Step 4 Love                                 Step 4 Love

12/03       Nov/Int        A Cool Fool *                             A Cool Fool

11/03       Nov             No One Like Me                         No One Like Me 

06/03       Nov/Int        Goody Two Shoes                      Goody Two Shoes                 John Robinson

06/03       Nov             Caribbean Cowboy                     Caribbean Cowboy

03/03       Int                Bond-Age                                    Bond-age

03/03       Nov             Get The Picture                            Get The Picture

01/03       Beg +          D-N-S                                          D-N-S

12/02        Int               Object Of Affection                     Object of Affection

12/02        Int               Flava *                                         Flava                                    Guyton Mundy

11/02        Nov            Sugar Sweet                                 Sugar Sweet

10/02        Nov            Front Porch Swingin’                    Front Porch Swingin’

10/02        Nov/Int       Gv Ge Yu Ha                               Gv Ge Yu Ha

07/02        Nov            Locked Up                                   Locked Up

07/02        Nov            Hot Bananas                                Hot Bananas

07/02         Beg            Funky Monkey                            Funky Monkey

06/02         Adv           Time Goes By                              Time Goes By

04/02         Int              Let It Go                                      Let It Go                                Guyton Mundy

02/02         Beg           I’ve Fallen & Can’t Get Up            I’ve Fallen & Can’t Get Up

01/02         Int             Can’t You See                              Can’t You See                         Kathy Brown

11/01         Int             Tragedy                                        Tragedy

10/01         Nov          Something In The Water *            Something In The Water

10/01         Adv          Rich Girl                                       Rich Girl                                Rosie Bragg

08/01         Int             Dirty Pop                                      Dirty Pop

08/01         Nov          Little Things                                 Little Things

08/01         Nov          Chained                                       Chained

06/01         Adv          A Not So Lucky Waltz                 A Not So Lucky Waltz

06/01         Int +          Ain’t Nothin’                                Ain’t Nothin’

04/01         Int +          Sink Or Swim Polka *                 Sink or Swim Polka

04/01         Nov          Time And Time Again                  Time And Time Again

02/01         Int             Dirty Talkin’ Tequila                    Dirty Talkin’ Tequila

12/00         Int             Faded                                          Faded

10/00         Nov          Jump In Line *                             Jump In Line

08/00         Int             Just Dance Cha Cha                    Just Dance Cha Cha

05/00         Nov          Dig It *                                        Dig It

05/00         Int +          I Hope You Dance                      I Hope You Dance

05/00         Beg +       Been There                                  Been There 

03/00         Int             West Side Cha Cha                    West Side Cha Cha


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